Nina Renee


I’m kind of a writer. When I was in seventh grade, I completed 96 pages of a sci-fi novel that were somehow deleted. It has been difficult for me to write since then, but I believe God planted this gift in my spirit and I don’t want to give up.

I’m taking the scenic route (and not entirely by choice) to complete my bachelor’s degree in English from Howard University. I was once a journalism major, chasing that glossy, concentrated-perfume-insert lifestyle. My problem with journalism, though, is that I can’t stay out of my head long enough to get into anyone else’s. So I shrank and decided return to my pre-university passion, English, with the rationale that it was a better complement to my nature, yet it would still allow me to write for magazines. Did I make the right choice? I’m not sure yet.

I was born an obsessive-compulsive reader and copy editor and I have held an internship at a major newspaper and a position with Howard’s student paper as such (and edited countless papers for friends and classmates). Editing is fun, but I can’t squelch the searing desire to have my own bylines. I have a few from my journalism days. I’m going to have more one day, and they’re going to be good.


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